About Us

Gotham Pipe Supply is a direct descendant of Davidson Pipe, the first family of pipe suppliers in the metropolitan area. Davidson Pipe was the preeminent pipe supplier of steel pipe in the NYC / Metropolitan area since 1904. Robert Krueger is third generation of this family.

Gotham Pipe is new in name, but when it comes to experience, knowledge and application of pipe, valves and fabrication, we have been doing this longer than any other wholesaler in NY.


Years of Experience


Gotham has almost 160 years of experience working with mechanical, plumbing and sprinkler contractors. You can call here and speak with the owner/decision makers on a daily basis.

Because of our knowledge we can help you navigate through difficult projects and make suggestions and recommendations on applications. Our staff has worked the business from the contractor side and from the parts counter on up through to management.

We have seen and heard most everything you will experience.

What it's like working with Gotham Pipe Supply

In this business, success is based on labor efficiency, not squeezing the wholesaler for another few % points. If Gotham says that we will be at a job site at a specified time, then we will be there! The contractor cannot have their men waiting for a truck to arrive.

More time working.

Less time waiting.

We react quickly when presented with pricing quotations, or when an emergency arises! We realize that mistakes are made and how fast these are rectified, can make a difference to the contractor.

We can cut, groove, thread, and mitre pipe within hours of the order coming in!


Gotham appreciates the opportunitiy to earn your business.

We work every day to win your confidence and trust, and respect.

Why are contractors coming to Gotham?

We are reliable, knowledgeable, efficient, we communicate, we are personable, we have a great inventory of quality products, with fair pricing, and lastly our service is


Are you ready for a refreshing, old school, experience?